Sunday, June 11, 2017

Just a Note

I am sorry I did not get a 4th of July Kit up I had started it but had a lot going on in real life. So I just was not able to get it completed in time.  And I go on Vacation at the end of this week so got to get ready for that. The family is going on Vacation with my Daughter who lost her husband. She did not want to go this year alone. So she asked us that during the week following his death if we would all go with her and the kids.
 But on a good Point I will have a 4th of July kit started for next Year. 
I will try to get some kind of kit up soon.. I get my 2 youngest Grandchildren a lot more now that their Father has passed away and We were busy this month trying to get them moved into their new home. In a Safer neighborhood. Hopefully things will calm down and I will find the time to create a little more.