Friday, February 5, 2021


Just wanted to drop in update  you On where things are.  Say I am still around.. I am very sorry I did not get the Kit Out like I promised Posted. But it is a Christmas Kit and it is almost finished. But I just have not been sleeping at nights and I have had a very low energy level for months now. I have been trying to get my doctor to understand I have a very LOW level of energy. I explained I had this problem years ago and was put on B12 shots to correct it.  But He just did a blood test & said B12 was fine.  Well something is causing this issue.  I have to go to UAB in Birmingham, Al. To see my Vascular surgeon that has been monitoring the blockages in both my Carotid Arteries since 2014. He is ordering a CT Scan to view the blockages and to see if my Brain is showing signs of having strokes.. Which that may also be part of the issue. Not sure what all causes low energy levels. But something has to give LOL. I don't like feeling like I can't finish up my house cleaning. 

I still want to try to get back into doing PSP creating Kits and tags again.. Since Verizon finally shut  Yahoo Groups down completely. They don't even offer cloud space for phone photos anymore. They shouldn't go up on pricing then take stuff from customers. They stopped ring back tones also & I had just paid to have mine for another year. 

Once I get back into PSP I may start back up a Groups I.O. I did have a small Tag group but I shut it down when the members got inactive.  Who knows I may try to start one back up.. But it would be after March 15th if I do. 

Anyway stay tuned for Updates.. who knows a Kit may be thrown up any day.. Have a great day.. 

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I want to THANK YOU in advance for commenting on my Kits and things.. They are appreciated so much. I am sorry I can not always respond to each one. Due to health issues I try to use my Good Days as I call them for creating my kits for you. But know I do appreciate your taking time to comment. Sincerely, Babs