Thursday, March 4, 2021



I have an appointment to see a Spinal Surgeon July 19. So hoping he has some good news, because I sure could use it! After dealing with severe pain for 21 years and it suddenly getting worse last year. It would feel so good to have some relief.. I will keep you updated on whether or not I will be back to creating. I will continue to try to keep things I have done available for down load.. I really need to update my blog! 

Well After having trouble for Months with Neck pain that shoots down into my right shoulder. And having more trouble walking these days with a lot more severe Chronic Lumbar Pain than Usual. My Doctor ordered and MRI of my Neck and Back.. And the results were NOT good. It showed I had major changes since my Last MRI in 2018.  Basically the narrowing of Spinal Cord has gotten worse in my Neck. And I now have 4 ruptured disc in my Lumbar Area along with Lumbar Stenosis. Most likely caused by the L5 disc rupturing in 2000.  I am being referred to a Spinal Specialist of course. 

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I want to THANK YOU in advance for commenting on my Kits and things.. They are appreciated so much. I am sorry I can not always respond to each one. Due to health issues I try to use my Good Days as I call them for creating my kits for you. But know I do appreciate your taking time to comment. Sincerely, Babs