Monday, July 16, 2018


Hello Everyone, Wanted to say I am Sorry I did not Get the 4th of July Kit up. I just did not quite get it Finished. On a Good Note I will have ready for Next Year. I will try my best  to get a Kit up soon. 

It's been a little hectic as my son Prepares to move 2 hours away. His Job Transferred him from Columbus, Ga Plant to their World Wide Office in Atlanta, Ga. His company decided to Close down the 2 Plants in Columbus. Sadly a lot of People are losing their Jobs. A lot of People are losing their jobs. So Sad. My son was one of the Lucky few to be offered a transfer. The move will take place no later than Sept 1st. But trying to get his things ready for the movers is proving to be a chore. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Finally got My Spring Fling Freebie finished. I hope you enjoy using this kit. My kits are Free for you to use to create your tags, stationary, facebook covers or what ever you like to create for personal use only. My items are not to be use in things you intend to profit from. I want you to enjoy creating but I just ask you abide my rules. Nor should my items I offer be put on other websites. If you want to share them point people to my blog for them to download them. 


Tuesday, May 1, 2018


 If you love to create Tags, Incredimail Stationary,  Facebook Covers. But want a group with low volume email.  If you can Create One Item a week and love a Challenge then this Group is prefect for you. Come By and Check out Our PSP HideAway.   
We offer Challenges using Kits, Cluster Frames, Templates Tutorials and Word Art. 
Members are always helpful. 
The things we do are easy to follow so does not matter how little or how much knowledge you have. 
But to Join you must fill out & return the enrollment form that is sent to you. This helps us to know your likes, things you have worked with and things you have not. Only the Owner/Co-Owner sees these forms. 
We also highly encourage members to make things using their own ideas and style also. You can do the one required result for the week or share as many creations as you would like to. 
I do limit the number of Members I allow to Join. In order to keep the Email volume down. Because we can not create if emails keep us to busy. 

I mainly Kept this group Open For Ladies that had tested my Tutorials Years ago. But Due to Members having to leave I have opened it up in Hopes of making a few New Friends for the Group.  People who enjoy and want to create We allow members to talk on a personal Level, how else can we get to know each other more. 
The group has been open since 2010.  Right now mostly Older Ladies, But Old and Young are welcome to join. 

We hope you check us Out at 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Thanks So Much

Wanted to thank all of you who have downloaded my kits..  I enjoy making my Kits. But unless someone downloads them, time I put into them would be a waste.. When you get 60 years old you realize how important time is.. Because you download the kits you keep me encouraged. So Thanks so much for doing that for me..

Friday, March 2, 2018


I finally Finished MY Easter Kit. As usual it is packed with great goodies to create your Tags and things. I hope you Enjoy using it.  Download is at the bottom of this Post. 


PART 1         PART 2
PART 1         PART 2

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Have a new Valentine  Kit freebie for you called Tempted Lovers. As usual it is packed with some fun elements. I hope you enjoy it.


Tag made with My Kit 
Artwork by Alicia Mujica PTU HERE


Thursday, December 14, 2017


I made a New Years Kit Freebie for you as always it is packed with goodies. It has 131 Elements, 12 frames and 24 papers. I hope you can find a use for it. I was rushed to get it done.  I am so behind in things.  But we are about to start a New Year and I am going to offer more kits in the New Year besides Holiday kits. 



Thursday, November 30, 2017


Here is this years Christmas Kit freebie. Old Fashion Christmas  has 186 elements, 16 frames, 3 Posers and 24 papers.  It is packed with goodies as always. I am only putting up 1 Preview in order to get this on My blog in time for it to be used before Christmas. Because I have to many elements and to little time.  But most of you that have used my kits know that my kits are always packed with good elements the preview is to give you idea of the colors used and has some of the more unique elements. It also contains the traditional elements you use at Christmas. 

(A lot of elements are not shown. But it is packed with a lot nice elements.)
Alexander AlehandraVanhek PTU at PicForDesign
I used my Mask_366 Here


Monday, November 13, 2017


I created a tag using Sassy Dede's Winter Kids Kit. It is a beautiful kit packed with wonderful elements. 
You can buy this beautiful Kit in her stores Digi Divas or Designer Scraps and for a really great Price. 
The Beautiful Lady is By Fiodorova_Maria and you can get her at Pic For Designs

Sunday, October 1, 2017

UPDATE 10/16

Just wanted to give you all and Update. Not sure if I will be able to Put any more kits up or not this year.  I am working on the Christmas Kit. And Hope to get as much as I can done of it.  But I am not sure how the next couple of months will go. I am going to have to go in the hospital for By-Pass surgery on my Subclavian Artery. It is 100% blocked right at my aorta. I will find Oct 10th when the procedure will be done, What I have to expect afterwards as far as recovery is concerned. 
The Blockage caused me to have what is Known as Subclavian Steal Syndrome.  My arm is stealing blood meant to travel to my brain. It is has caused my blood flow to in reverse. This is blood
needed to get oxygen to my brain. It has caused my BP to be extremely low in my Left arm, In June I started having a lot of issues I can not stand long with out getting dizzy and feeling as if I will pass out. I also get bad headaches and blurred vision at times. It is rare to get this but the fact I am left handed most likely helped to make it become symptomatic.
Update 10/162017
I am scheduled to have a 2nd heart cath tomorrow. He wants to look and see how bad my left carotid artery is blocked. If it is over 60% block he is  also going to repair it. I am not scheduled for my bypass surgery Nov 12th at 1 pm. That time could move up but the Date will stay the same. I do my preop registration on Oct 25.  He said he would try to only keep me overnight only as long as I promised to stay on bed rest for at least 3 to 4 days.  But of course that depends on how things go during the procedure.  I surely would rather be at home to recover than in a hospital any day lol.  Any way this is the latest up date for me.