Monday, April 22, 2019


 I want to thank Stef,  she wrote a tutorial using My May Delights Kits. I love the tag she sent me. It is beautiful,  I appreciate it so much You will find her tutorials HERE
And the tutorial for the tag below HERE. My Kit May Delights is HERE.

She Used the Artwork of Very Many for this tag you can buy the tube HERE

Monday, April 8, 2019


Finally got my new kit finished. Here is my Fun Times Kit Freebie. I Hope you will enjoy creating with it. You will find the download under the Tag. Have a great Day... 
(All elements are not shown)
Tube Credit: Alex Prihodko you can buy it at Pics For Design


Saturday, March 9, 2019


Hello all,  hope you are all doing great. I am so ready for the warm months.  Winters & me just don't get along. I stay sick a lot in the winters. I get colds real easy and my back pain stays flared up really bad. I get aggravated at times. I try to push myself but sometimes it is not easy with all my different health issues. Never thought I would be where I am at at my age. But sometimes I feel more like a 100 than a 63 year old. But I have been working on a kit it is almost finished and I will have up for you soon. So keep checking back. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I was playing around and I made some Penguins. So thought I would share them There are six with different colored scarfs. They are not to be used for other Kits Or elements packs. They are for your Own Personal Use only. And Please never use my items in things you intend to profit on. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


I finally got my Christmas Freebie,  Snowy Wonderland completed. It is packed with 141 Elements, 7 Frames,  22 Papers,  and 3 Posers.  All the Elements are not shown. In order to get it Posted I just created a quick preview.. 



Sunday, August 19, 2018


I finally got you another kit Freebie finished for you. Smile Be Happy  I do hope you will enjoy it. 

(Not all Elements are shown)


Monday, July 16, 2018


Hello Everyone, Wanted to say I am Sorry I did not Get the 4th of July Kit up. I just did not quite get it Finished. On a Good Note I will have ready for Next Year. I will try my best  to get a Kit up soon. 

It's been a little hectic as my son Prepares to move 2 hours away. His Job Transferred him from Columbus, Ga Plant to their World Wide Office in Atlanta, Ga. His company decided to Close down the 2 Plants in Columbus. Sadly a lot of People are losing their Jobs. A lot of People are losing their jobs. So Sad. My son was one of the Lucky few to be offered a transfer. The move will take place no later than Sept 1st. But trying to get his things ready for the movers is proving to be a chore. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Finally got My Spring Fling Freebie finished. I hope you enjoy using this kit. My kits are Free for you to use to create your tags, stationary, facebook covers or what ever you like to create for personal use only. My items are not to be use in things you intend to profit from. I want you to enjoy creating but I just ask you abide my rules. Nor should my items I offer be put on other websites. If you want to share them point people to my blog for them to download them. 


Tuesday, May 1, 2018


 If you love to create Tags, Incredimail Stationary,  Facebook Covers. But want a group with low volume email.  If you can Create One Item a week and love a Challenge then this Group is prefect for you. Come By and Check out Our PSP HideAway.   
We offer Challenges using Kits, Cluster Frames, Templates Tutorials and Word Art. 
Members are always helpful. 
The things we do are easy to follow so does not matter how little or how much knowledge you have. 
But to Join you must fill out & return the enrollment form that is sent to you. This helps us to know your likes, things you have worked with and things you have not. Only the Owner/Co-Owner sees these forms. 
We also highly encourage members to make things using their own ideas and style also. You can do the one required result for the week or share as many creations as you would like to. 
I do limit the number of Members I allow to Join. In order to keep the Email volume down. Because we can not create if emails keep us to busy. 

I mainly Kept this group Open For Ladies that had tested my Tutorials Years ago. But Due to Members having to leave I have opened it up in Hopes of making a few New Friends for the Group.  People who enjoy and want to create We allow members to talk on a personal Level, how else can we get to know each other more. 
The group has been open since 2010.  Right now mostly Older Ladies, But Old and Young are welcome to join. 

We hope you check us Out at 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Thanks So Much

Wanted to thank all of you who have downloaded my kits..  I enjoy making my Kits. But unless someone downloads them, time I put into them would be a waste.. When you get 60 years old you realize how important time is.. Because you download the kits you keep me encouraged. So Thanks so much for doing that for me..