Sunday, November 27, 2016


Well I had started a News Years Kit.. But I am afraid I do not have the heart right now to work on it. So I will not be able to get one out this year..  My beloved Dog of 13 years Teddy Passed Away Saturday Nov the 26 at 2:30 pm. And I am not handling it very well at all. I cry every time I walk through my house. Cause Teddy was always right behind me every where I went in this house.  Or he was laying close by my chair. He was truly my shadow in this house. My heart is so broken. He suddenly got sick with what we thought was a simple tooth infection. And also that his eye was swollen and red. But when they put him to sleep to work on him they found a large hematoma in the top of his mouth that ran down into this throat.  They said it was 50/50 chance the medication would clot it and that he would heal. The Vet said she would not recommend surgery at his age they would be reluctant to do it. Because of the fact that his life expectancy was only 12 to 15 years and he was 13 years old.   Well They said he also had glaucoma in his eye. Well the Vet was suppose to order some medicine to help relieve his eye. But when I called Tuesday  for a second time they still did not have it. Instead she goes we just need to remove the eye.. Well that made me angry. I had been using this vet for 13 years and I trusted them up until she said that about his eye. So I called and made him an appointment to see another Vet. Had I kept listening to the other Vet they would have removed his eye for no reason. The New Vet took one look at my dog and knew he had an infection and tested his eye he did not have glaucoma either. They then did blood work to confirm what she though. She found he was anemic and did indeed have a bad bacteria infection. She could not believe the other Vet missed that. We were told he most likely had a blood disorder also. But they felt they needed to get the infection under control before it got septic. He was due back at the Vet on Monday For more testing and for us to get results on the blood work. That Vet called every day to check on Teddy. Teddy seemed to be responding to the medication to clot his blood and heal the hematoma. He had stopped the hacking he was doing. He was eating soft food really well. But suddenly Saturday he started hacking and acting as if he was choking. We called the emergency clinic to make sure they were open and they would have a Vet in. But before we could  get him to the Car He yelped and the hematoma ruptured and my beloved Teddy was gone all within a few minutes time.  I am just so in shock at how fast it all happened.  My heartache will mend with time.. But My home will always be so very empty with out him here. I take comfort in knowing he is not suffering any more. And that he is once again beside his best Friend Rocky who passed away Dec, 10 2013. They are buried side by side on a good friends Land. My poor Gizmo has been lost all day also. He laid by me in my chair most of the Day which is unusual for him. He usually wants to lay on the Couch with Chris but not today. I do worry about him when the day comes we all need to be gone at the same time. He always gets whiny when someone leaves this home. And has separation issues. When we all had to leave he would curl up right by Teddy's side. And now he will not have Teddy to do that with. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


As promised here is my Christmas Kit Freebie for you. It has 139 elements, 8 frames and 21 Papers. Not all elements are shown in the previews. I hope you enjoy creating with it.. Download links are below Previews.

Be sure to check out the tutorial for this It was Written by
Brights Kreationz "Letters for Santa"



Friday, November 4, 2016


Just a few Lines to let you know what is going on with my Christmas Kit. I have got the kit ready all but the Preview..  The kit will be Full of Elements, Papers and Frames as always, However due to something going on with Dog Teddy who is 12 years Old I will not be able to
do a full preview. I will put some samples of things that show of the colors and some of what to expect to find in it.. But it will not be a full blown Preview.  So Hopefully within in the next couple of days I will have it on my blog But that all depends on how things go. Today I have to watch my Dog closely.

My dog has been sick for a about 3 weeks. Actually with 2 different things.. But we got a little bad news yesterday..What we thought was and Abscess was not.  I could tell the Vet was very shocked by what she found and flat said she had never heard of or come across a Hematoma like he had. That it is more or less 50/50 as to whether the hematoma will clear up on it's on or not with the medication she sent home.  Another thing she had never seen blood drawn over an hour ago that still Looked as if she had just been drawn it. In other words his blood is not clotting period and the medication is to help it do that so they hematoma can hopefully heal. The other thing was it actually had a pulse and hematoma's should not have a pulse in them.
The procedure is very expensive from what the Vet said. The MRI alone which would have to be done to determine what exactly needs to be done. is $1500.00 I just do not have that kind of money if she is correct. Teddy has cost me $340. In just 3 weeks time already. She said that his breed only has a life expectancy of 15 years. That at 13 she would not recommend any client to go into that kind of debt. If would be different if he was a young Dog. But his life expectancy is only 15 years. I am going to call around and see I can just get a Vet to talk to me with out wanting to charge me To answer one question is that costly to get it repaired. If it is up in to the $1,000 of dollars I just do not have that kind of money..
 As of now it is not causing him distress. But it is effecting his throat as well as pushing his gums in to where he is biting on his gums. So soft food diet for now.  And his eye is slightly bulged Out. on Top of this the eye near all this has glaucoma.. And if he heals from the hematoma it would need treatment.

 They want to wait at least a Month cause she says it could take that long to heal if it will heal on its own. But I have to Let it sink in that if the medication does not work. And he show any signs of distress. The decision may have to be made to put him down.   The fact that just 3 years ago my Oldest Dog Passed Away on Dec 10, 2013. So knowing that is not helping matters.

Anyway I apologize that there is a delay in putting my Christmas Kit up. But right now I just have to watch my dog.. Mainly to make sure his mouth does not start bleeding where he put the syringe in and pulled the blood out. Nor I am in the mood to work on or do much of anything.. My heart just is not in it today.