Friday, October 28, 2016


You know I really miss the old days when I first started into PSP..  So many things have changed that have taken the fun out of creating and Made it more of a chore to create.
But what I miss most about the old days Is that when a freebie was offered you could find it on the blog years later. When I wrote a tutorial I could count on the Link being there long after I wrote the tutorial. But because I am also a person that loves to do others tutorials. I know how it is to go to do the tutorial only to find the supplies are no longer available.  I can not count how many times I have gotten excited about doing a FTU tutorial. Then suddenly had that excitement squashed because the Links to some of the supplies were no longer available. That is why as a writer I would avoid Fan Freebies or limited time freebies. Because it simply does not benefit my readers if a few months down the road they go to the tutorial and the supplies are no longer available for them to use. Not that I write much these days. But I still do here and there. My health issues have made it impossible for me to enjoy everything I loved doing in PSP. So I had to make the choice to let go of some of them.   But my point is, that if others feel as I do. Then it only harms these designers, because every time their freebies are used in a tutorial it is free advertisement that draws potential customers to their blogs or stores. But each person is entitled to do things in their own way. And I do respect that. Nor am I putting them down for doing it. Just saying that I miss how things use to be done. But all things are subject to change. That is just part of life that we have to get use to. 
But I do admire the Designers that keep their blogs and share sites up and running long after they have retired. Because it is a gift to those who love to create. Especially the ones who simply can not afford to buy things in order to enjoy creating. 
So I want to give all the designers that do keep their Blogs and share sites up and running. A Huge Thank You for helping me to enjoy something I love to do.. Your efforts to keep your Blogs up and your share sites available is truly a wonderful gift. And we are not blind to the effort you put into doing this.. It is greatly appreciated by all that enjoy creating. 
I also want to say that a lot of the designers I have used for years who have retired are greatly missed. But I do understand that the time had come for you to move on to enjoy other things you love.. And I do wish you all the best in the years to come. I know one day I will also have no choice but to retire. But as long as I am able I will keep trying share things with others.. Because I simply love helping other to enjoy creating.