Thursday, March 4, 2021

Another UPDATE!

 Well After having trouble for Months with Neck pain that shoots down into my right shoulder. And having more trouble walking these days with a lot more severe Chronic Lumbar Pain than Usual. My Doctor ordered and MRI of my Neck and Back.. And the results were NOT good. It showed I had major changes since my Last MRI in 2018.  Basically the narrowing of Spinal Cord has gotten worse in my Neck. And I now have 4 ruptured disc in my Lumbar Area along with Lumbar Stenosis. Most likely caused by the L5 disc rupturing in 2000.  I am being referred to a Spinal Specialist of course. 

The bad part is No doctors would operate on my lumbar area back in 2000 due to the fact I have scoliosis really bad in my Lumbar area. Doctors felt it might make the Chronic Pain worse. And my neck fusion failed. They felt it was best that I be sent to a Pain Management Doctor. And I of course could not imagine dealing with even worse than I dealt with already did. So I certainly agreed to that.

I told my doctor in 2017 I was going to stop letting him run test because just about every time he did I get bad news. This time was no exception that is for sure. I just hope they have another Plan to ease this lower back pain. I am on 3 high dose pain medications now. Without them I probably could not function at all. 

Friday, February 5, 2021


Just wanted to drop in update  you On where things are.  Say I am still around.. I am very sorry I did not get the Kit Out like I promised Posted. But it is a Christmas Kit and it is almost finished. But I just have not been sleeping at nights and I have had a very low energy level for months now. I have been trying to get my doctor to understand I have a very LOW level of energy. I explained I had this problem years ago and was put on B12 shots to correct it.  But He just did a blood test & said B12 was fine.  Well something is causing this issue.  I have to go to UAB in Birmingham, Al. To see my Vascular surgeon that has been monitoring the blockages in both my Carotid Arteries since 2014. He is ordering a CT Scan to view the blockages and to see if my Brain is showing signs of having strokes.. Which that may also be part of the issue. Not sure what all causes low energy levels. But something has to give LOL. I don't like feeling like I can't finish up my house cleaning. 

I still want to try to get back into doing PSP creating Kits and tags again.. Since Verizon finally shut  Yahoo Groups down completely. They don't even offer cloud space for phone photos anymore. They shouldn't go up on pricing then take stuff from customers. They stopped ring back tones also & I had just paid to have mine for another year. 

Once I get back into PSP I may start back up a Groups I.O. I did have a small Tag group but I shut it down when the members got inactive.  Who knows I may try to start one back up.. But it would be after March 15th if I do. 

Anyway stay tuned for Updates.. who knows a Kit may be thrown up any day.. Have a great day.. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 Hello Everyone,  So sorry I have not made any Kits in while. I have not felt in the best of health.. I told my doctor He needs to stop ordering test &  diagnosing me with things. 😂😂 I have enough medical issues to deal with! 2020 just has been a very hard year. I am sure it has not been the best year for most of you either. I am high risk do I have to Wear a Mask 😷! Which is not easy for a Person with Stage 3 COPD to do. I will want to snatch that 😷  off after 5 minutes.  It sure is not a great fashion statement Either.  I do have a Christmas kit started that I hope to finish by the end of Oct. But I do have my Granddaughters wedding on the 24th.  And she lives 4 hours from me so I will be out of town for 3 or 4 days for that. I also have a bunch of doctors appointments to go to. 

UPDATE: I apologize  that I did not deliver on the kit but I got very sick and could not create. Getting old really sucks.. I have developed a lot of health issues over the last 7 years. The worse  is the chronic lumbar pain I have dealt with since a auto accident in 2000 has gotten a lot worse along with hip pain due to osteoporosis. So sitting is not as easy as it use to be. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2020


As I promised here is a New Easter Kit Freebie for you to play with... Easter Bunnies. 
I hope you enjoy creating with it. 
It has 121 Elements that include some word art, 10 Frames and 20 Papers 

Not all Items are shown in the Preview.


Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I had to take a break from creating for awhile as I was a little burnt out on it. But I hope to have a kit for you soon. I have a Easter Kit that is almost ready for sure. I had started working on it in 2019 and never got it finished.  So just keep checking back. I have to learn to cut back on Elements so it don't take me so long to create a Kit then maybe I can get more done LOL. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020


This was made using my Valentine Rush Kit  you will find the kit HERE

Elias Chatzoudis I got it at PTE but he is now at CDO

Mask By: Creative Chicks

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone Welcome to 2020.. I hope you all had wonderful Holidays.  Hope you are excited to embark on 2020 and all the great things to come.. I was feeling a little burnt out so had to step back from PSP for awhile. But I hope to find my mojo and start creating again.. So hopefully I will have a New Kit soon.  I know I want have a Kit by Valentines since it right around the corner. But I will get one up soon. I am hoping to get inspired to make some different themed kits besides just Holiday Kits. 

Monday, September 30, 2019


Here is a Halloween Kit Freebie for you.. It has 122 Elements, 12 Frames & 16 Papers.  

Please note not all Elements, Frames or Papers are shown In My Preview.  But I needed to get it on my Blog.. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2019


I am sorry I have not posted a kit in awhile. I have been dealing with a lot of different health issues. But at 64 that is par for the course of aging for a lot of people.  I have had to work hard to build myself back up. Seems I am having a big issue with energy. And I plan on talking to the doctor when I see him on the 20th. Something has to give. I just do not have enough to do the things I want to. 

But Please be patient hopefully soon I will be able to get back to making Kits. 

Monday, April 22, 2019


 I want to thank Stef,  she wrote a tutorial using My May Delights Kits. I love the tag she sent me. It is beautiful,  I appreciate it so much You will find her tutorials HERE
And the tutorial for the tag below HERE. My Kit May Delights is HERE.

She Used the Artwork of Very Many for this tag you can buy the tube HERE