Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ScrapSisters award

I am passing this on to people that have supported me, with kindness and Caring.. And they have a very special place in my heart.. In Gifting this award I ask that you Please Add a Link to Von's Blog or add her Blinkie to your Blog you can get her Blinkie HERE . She Deserves to be rewarded for giving a gift from her heart.. Thanks so much for helping me reward this wonderful Person.

To Von who introduced me to PsP 9 with out her kindness I would not be where I am at today... She is a very talented lady and makes alot of wonderful tags, kits and cu items.

To Linda who led me into the world of working for designers.. I am proud to call her a friend..

To Chris who stood by me and encouraged me do what I love..I am proud to call her a friend..

To Deloris who was stood by me and encouraged me to do what I love..I am proud to call her a friend..

To Lisa.. who is a sweet and kind person.. I am proud to call her a friend..

To Shellez whom I look forward to getting to know more.. and become friends with her.

To Skye who I cherish and am proud to help her get started blogging she makes beautiful tags

To Dede, who I am proud to call friend.. and I am getting her to blogging her wonderful talent also she is an awesome stat and tag makers..

To load the award put it in your photobucket and add it to a java gadget..

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