Monday, October 5, 2009


Updated March 19, 2015

You may Use the template in whole or in parts. For any of you personal use projects. 
Tutorial Writers Term are below. Please make sure to read them. 

1. DO NOT use any of my items in any type project you plan to 
profit from. Do Ask me if you can. I will not allow it. 

2. DO NOT upload my template, Kits, Mask  to other file sharing sites. 
You must Link people to my blog for downloading.
  (No Hot Linking)

3. DO NOT claim my of my Items  as your own

4. DO NOT change my file names. 

5.  No credit is required on Tags made with my Items, but 
is always appreciated. 
Tutorial Writers and Cluster frame Designers Please see terms below. 

6. If using my items to make Stationary. 
Please place a credit in the Footer. 


1.  If my items are used in Tutorials, I require a credit and Link back
to my Blog to be placed in your tutorial credits. 
Bitzy Beez Designz
Item Name 
(add Link)

2. Tutorial Writers you may include my Masks and Templates in your supplies, 
Templates must be kept in their original Folder with the TOU

3. Cluster Frame Designers you Must have my Written
 consent to use my items to make your Cluster Frames. 
You must Place a credit on your blog with a link back to my blog. 
Bitzy Beez Designz
Kit Name 
(add Link)

 There is a copyright Brush included in my items. 
For those that need it. 

Sincerely, Babs C

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