Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thanks To all that Left comments in 2012

I want to thank All of you that took time to comment and Thank Me. I sure do appreciate it very much. A while back Gmail said I could not use my server email address due to a company using it. Not sure how that happened since I had it since 2007. They  gave me a new email address.  Well I forgot all about updating where my notifications were to be sent. So I was not getting notified  about new comments. That is fixed now. I also am very forgetful at times. Which can annoy me. (and my children too!) ;')

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope it is filled with lots of blessing, good luck and happiness.

Sincerely, Babs

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I want to THANK YOU in advance for leaving comments. They are always appreciated so much.I do not always have time to respond as I am busy trying to create. With my health issues I have to spend my time wisely. And then I do not always get a kit done on time like I would like to. But thank you so much for leaving a comment. Babs