Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thanks For Visiting my Blog

I want you all to know that I appreciate all of you that take time to visit my blog.
I never fool myself I know some designers are way better than me.  But I still love to create things and share the things I make.  PSP is like a therapy for me. It truly has helped me through a lot the last 10 years.  

 I really appreciate everyone that enjoys my kits and downloads them. Whether you leave a comment or not I truly appreciate your visiting my Blog. I do send a big Thank You to the ones that take the time to leave a comment. Your comments are greatly appreciated and help to inspire me to keep creating for you.  I may not answer each one but I do read every comment  that is posted.

 I don't always get around to answering is because On Days I am feeling up to it,  I am usually in Paint Shop trying to create something new for you.  I am always working on  several different ideas at the same time.  I have really gotten into trying to create things from scratch. It is not an easy task you often sendt stuff to the trash bin. But I keep plugging away at it. 

So I end this By Saying a Big Thanks to all of you visit my page and download my stuff. You inspire me to keep creating and offering you my things. 

Sincerely, Babs C


  1. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous kit!!!

  2. Thanks for being so nice to give us their time and work and we dedicate these words to his followers :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work. I love your kits and your masks!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing everything you make, it's very appreciated!PSP is addictive, but it's a good addiction.Your work is gorgeous. I want to join your challenge group, but I run my own group and mod for several others it gets hectic at times. I have been creating for 10 + years. i don't know if I would have the time :-(
    Have a great day,


I want to THANK YOU in advance for commenting on my Kits and things.. They are appreciated so much. I am sorry I can not always respond to each one. Due to health issues I try to use my Good Days as I call them for creating my kits for you. But know I do appreciate your taking time to comment. Sincerely, Babs