Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well Happy New Year I Know I am late in Saying that.  But The New Year Came in with me having Pneumonia. I sure was not celebrating New Years Eve that is for sure.  I was sick about 11 days total. I got sick on Christmas but I thought it was just a cold. Well I kept getting worse instead of better even though I was taking over the counter medication. I finally broke down on Dec 30th and Went to an Urgent Care cause I was pretty sure I had pneumonia by then.   I hate going to Doctors and hate ER even worse.  So I am go glad they have urgent care places now.  After they got all the test back and my blood work showed my blood count was low. Sure enough it was pneumonia in both lungs.  They gave me a shot of some strong antibiotics and steroids.  Well now they send in the prescriptions electronically. They failed to tell me what all they sent in to the drug store.  I was only told by te doctor he was putting me on antibiotics.  So I never thought twice when the drug store only gave me one bottle of medicine.  Well 4 days later I called in some refills. and there was some steroids pills among my refills.  Looked at who sent them in and it was the Doctor from the Urgent Care.  I put a post on their facebook page telling them that they needed to make sure patients knew exactly what medications were being sent to their Pharmacy  so they would know exactly what to pick up.. Really they should give you a summary of your visit with your diagnosis and the medications they are sending in. Most places do that. 

I also want to thank Everyone who visited my page in 2015. I hope to be able to make you some lovely kits this Year..

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