Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A note to tutorial writers.

I have always loved sharing with others. I will often buy things to make my kits like actions, scripts and posers etc. I try to keep my terms simple so you find enjoyment in using my things. I just ask you to please properly credit my kits when you use them in tutorials, designer name, kit name and link back to my blog for downloading.

And if you would like me to write up a post crediting your tutorial just email me with the link, and copy of the image. I will be happy to do so. I ask you to email me cause of health issues I do not check my blog every day. But I do try to check my email everyday. You find my contact info on the left side of my blog. If it is not in the kits.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

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I want to THANK YOU in advance for commenting on my Kits and things.. They are appreciated so much. I am sorry I can not always respond to each one. Due to health issues I try to use my Good Days as I call them for creating my kits for you. But know I do appreciate your taking time to comment. Sincerely, Babs